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5 Reasons Why Jewelry Stores Should Use Pinterest to Promote Their Products

If you’re in the early stages of shopping or looking for inspiration…Where do you go first? About 445 million people would answer “Pinterest” to that question. Pinterest is a social media platform that is particularly well-suited for jewelry stores looking to increase sales. Here are a few reasons why jewelry stores should consider using Pinterest […]

How to Use Crystals to Sell More Jewelry in Your Store

Crystals. Mineral Specimens. Gemstones. These products just go together. And wouldn’t you expect to find high-quality specimens in a jewelry store alongside fine-colored stone jewelry? That’s the reason that LuxeRox has started offering wholesale packages for retail stores to use as Product for sales and add-ons In-Case Decoration Staff and client education Gem Lovers LOVE […]

Demantoid Garnet Mining in Madagascar with Prosperity Earth | Ep. 9

Professional miner, John Ferry of Prosperity Earth, discusses their vertically integrated demantoid garnet mining operation in Madagascar with Jordan in Part 1 of this two-part podcast interview. Demantoid Garnet is a green andradite garnet revered for it’s “diamond-like” brilliance, having actually more fire than diamond. Prosperity Earth’s mining operation is particularly focused on improving the […]

Nephrite Jade Diving with Just In Jade

In this podcast interview, Jordan talks to Justin Barrett from Just In Jade about jade diving in Big Sur, California. Justin is a jade diver and carver who sells a variety of artistic jade carvings in Big Sur Jade, BC Jade, Yukon Jade, Guatemalan Jadeite, Wyoming Jade, and more! Justin has been carving, prospecting, and […]

Tsavorite Rarity and Quality with Bruce Bridges

Interview with Tsavorite Expert In Part Two of the interview with Bruce Bridges, owner of Bridges Tsavorite, Bruce discusses Tsavorite Garnet’s rarity, quality factors, tsavorite for everyday wear (bridal), mint garnet, and advice for sales professionals. “Tsavorite is 1,000 times rarer than emerald under 3cts and 5,000x rarer than emerald over 3cts.” -Bruce Bridges, Bridges […]

Tsavorite History with Bruce Bridges

In Part One of this two-part interview, Bruce Bridges discusses his father’s discovery of tsavorite, their mines in Kenya, and how the name “tsavorite” came to be. Bruce Bridges is the owner of Bridges Tsavorite. Bruce’s father, Campbell Bridges, embarked on a lifelong adventure after discovering tsavorite in the 1960s. Tsavorite is a rare variety […]

Gadgets For Jewelers: 3 Must-Haves for Jewelry Store Social Media

Social media has become an inconvenient necessity, juxtaposing the old-world methods of goldsmiths, craftsmen, and bench jewelers. While extremely beneficial for small businesses, the hassle of social media can be overwhelming; increasing the need for strategic efficiencies that will alleviate the added stresses of Facebook, Instagram, and…dare I say it…TikTok. When showcasing your tiny pieces […]