Nephrite Jade Diving with Just In Jade

In this podcast interview, Jordan talks to Justin Barrett from Just In Jade about jade diving in Big Sur, California. Justin is a jade diver and carver who sells a variety of artistic jade carvings in Big Sur Jade, BC Jade, Yukon Jade, Guatemalan Jadeite, Wyoming Jade, and more!

Justin has been carving, prospecting, and diving for jade for decades. He is known for his organic-style jade carvings and sculptures, as well as pendants and earrings.

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Show Notes

About Just In Jade [3:57]

Nephrite Jade Varieties [6:15]

Nephrite and Jadeite Formation [7:41]

Big Sur Jade Value [13:01]

Cultural Perspective Toward American Jade [14:48]

Incredible Jade in the Ocean [19:00]

Learning Jade Carving from Just In Jade [27:00]