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Supporting retailers, we are GEMtrepreneurs advocating for the Mason-Kay Jade brand, creators of GemTek Jewelry, and wholesale reps for Seiko Clocks to the Gulf, TOLA, and surrounding territories. Creating content to promote local independent jewelry stores in the form of YouTube videos, shareable text for retail website/social media content, and photos of NATURAL jade
product to drive traffic into YOUR store.

FREE Jade Selling Guide for Stores

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Pre-Written Blog Content for YOUR Jewelry Store Website

To receive pre-written, customizable text content to share to your store’s blog to improve your SEO…

Shareable Videos

Our Jewels of the Trade YouTube channel is dedicated to promoting independent jewelry stores and encouraging customers to shop local. We feature educational content on jewelry, care, diamonds, jade, and more to better help your staff and customers.

JOTT Podcast

Recorded for industry professionals and encouraging jewelry employees with success stories, brand information, gemology, and more!

Mason-Kay Jade

We are brand advocates for the most trusted name in NATURAL (untreated) jadeite jade jewelry in the US since 1976.

Seiko Clocks

The very first producer of wall clocks in the world.
Need I say more?