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Gadgets For Jewelers: 3 Must-Haves for Jewelry Store Social Media

Social media has become an inconvenient necessity, juxtaposing the old-world methods of goldsmiths, craftsmen, and bench jewelers. While extremely beneficial for small businesses, the hassle of social media can be overwhelming; increasing the need for strategic efficiencies that will alleviate the added stresses of Facebook, Instagram, and…dare I say it…TikTok. When showcasing your tiny pieces […]

Indications of “B Jade”

Identifying jade (jadeite or nephrite) is not normally a difficult task for the experienced gemologist. Many jewelers and gemologists, however, are still very intimidated by jade when it comes to valuing it or buying off the street. Why is this? This is actually a very educated and legitimate concern! While identifying jadeite is not difficult […]

3 Tips for Selling Jade

Why Jade? Selling jade is selling an experience, an enigma, and a story. It’s no wonder jade is referred to as “the inscrutable gem.” Anyone who sees it loves it, but not everyone is comfortable selling it. This is understandable, as the culture and history associated with jade is not always known but is nonetheless […]

Does Jade Change Color?

Many people believe that natural, untreated jadeite can change color over time. Typically attributed to the health or integrity of the wearer, it’s alleged color fading is sometimes even called the “miracle of jade.” Why an irreversible color change (undoubtedly less desirable than it’s original green) would be an attractive quality is beyond me. Thankfully, […]

Ice Jade: Bridal Jewelry’s Best Kept Secret

When discussing diamond-alternatives in engagement rings, the same fabulous stones tend to be mentioned: Sapphire, Ruby, and Alexandrite. Gemologists, jewelers, and salespeople have developed this well-thought recommendation based on the hardness and toughness of these stones. While I love seeing brides flaunt all the colors of corundum and the ever-alluring alexandrite, there is one stone that is […]

Nephrite and Jadeite

Do you remember the first time you saw your favorite gemstone? Or when you fell in love with it? Jade is actually important to me because it is my husband’s favorite gem. He fell head over heels for jade in Tucson because of it’s allure and his love of Chinese history, and ever since he […]