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5 Reasons Why Jewelry Stores Should Use Pinterest to Promote Their Products

If you’re in the early stages of shopping or looking for inspiration…Where do you go first? About 445 million people would answer “Pinterest” to that question. Pinterest is a social media platform that is particularly well-suited for jewelry stores looking to increase sales. Here are a few reasons why jewelry stores should consider using Pinterest […]

Gadgets For Jewelers: 3 Must-Haves for Jewelry Store Social Media

Social media has become an inconvenient necessity, juxtaposing the old-world methods of goldsmiths, craftsmen, and bench jewelers. While extremely beneficial for small businesses, the hassle of social media can be overwhelming; increasing the need for strategic efficiencies that will alleviate the added stresses of Facebook, Instagram, and…dare I say it…TikTok. When showcasing your tiny pieces […]

How to Host a Successful Trunk Show

Hello, jewelry store friends! My husband Hun’r and I, the Jewels of the Trade sales team, offer vendor trunk shows as a service to our retail partners. This means that between our trunk show season and our years of retail experience, we frequently get to observe firsthand the “do’s and don’ts” of trunk shows. Retailers […]

How to Use Pinterest for Your Jewelry Store

Does your jewelry store’s website feature e-commerce, allowing you to sell your product to customers far and wide? If your jewelry store sells online, you should take advantage of Pinterest marketing to help sell your jewelry. Why Pinterest? When a couple first starts looking for an engagement ring, do they Google “Engagement Rings” or do […]

Indications of “B Jade”

Identifying jade (jadeite or nephrite) is not normally a difficult task for the experienced gemologist. Many jewelers and gemologists, however, are still very intimidated by jade when it comes to valuing it or buying off the street. Why is this? This is actually a very educated and legitimate concern! While identifying jadeite is not difficult […]

The Importance of Lab-Grown Diamond Education for Retail Professionals

I stand by this statement: Professionals in the jewelry industry need to understand laboratory-grown diamonds. Whether they sell them or not. But where is the accurate information? Most online resources are perpetuating the dissemination of misinformation to achieve sales, whether it’s for the benefit of the mined or lab-grown industry. A couple of years ago, […]