3 Reasons Every Jewelry Store Needs a Blog

If you sell jewelry to the public, you should have a blog.

I’ll skip past the “why you need a website” and “why you should be on social media” speech because it’s 2021 and if you haven’t hopped on that train, it’s either not right for your highly exclusive business model or it’s simply too late for you. If you have social media, you need a website. And if you have a website, you need a blog.

#1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When a customer in your area is shopping for a particular type of jewelry, they’ll likely Google it first. For instance, if they are looking for spinel in Denver, they’ll google “spinel jewelry denver co.”

If you have (or can get) spinel jewelry, you must hope that you’ll appear in that Google search and welcome this customer into your store with open arms. But if your website doesn’t say “spinel,” “spinel jewelry,” or “spinel jewelry denver,” there’s a chance you won’t come up in the search. You might come up in the search, but not as high as your competitor who mentioned spinel jewelry on their website. Coming in 4th place on Google doesn’t bode well for businesses, so exhaust every free resource you can to try to rank at the top of as many searches as possible.

Posting to a blog gives Google a variety of gemstones and jewelry lines to be associated with your store and your area and helps you rank higher in specific searches for jewelry. Additionally, updating your website frequently with blog posts shows Google that you are committed to this newfangled interweb thing that the kids are doing these days, and you’ll perform better in searches because of your frequent activity.

I actually can’t stress the importance of SEO enough, which is why I created Pre-Written Blog Text Content for your jewelry store’s blog to help drive jade customers to your website and ultimately into your store.

#2. Content for Pinterest

If your store website has e-commerce and you’re not utilizing Pinterest, you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to be losing sales. But here’s the thing, it helps you to post more than just product listings to Pinterest.

Pinterest users search on Pinterest for information/education, inspiration/ideas, products to buy, and brands to buy from. You’re competing with every other jewelry store that has Pinterest, so offer something no one else is. Every single blog post you share with reliable, accurate advice on jewelry can be used to bring Pinterest users to your website. Informational blog posts will get repinned more than product pins because it’s useful to more people than just your immediate target market. I have thousands of pins on Pinterest, and my highest repinned content is educational, i.e. “Does Jade Change Color?,” etc.

Want to reach customers who are discerning enough to seek out independent jewelry stores? After you post your blog article to your website, pin a 1000 x 1500px graphic to my Support Your Local Jeweler board (in addition to your other boards of course.) Not only will this reach your target market, but I’ll personally see it and repin it to group boards with hundreds of thousands of followers to help increase traffic to your account and ultimately website.

Check out my article How to Use Pinterest for Your Jewelry Store and get to pinning all of your blog posts!

#3. Credibility for Your Store

Your first contact with many customers may be on your website, so show them why they should trust YOU.

Use your blog to explain your credentials, knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness. You want people to shop with you because you’re the best, so prove it. Use your blog (and social media of course) to tell your customers what sets you apart before they even walk into the store. Answer questions they may have in the pre-shopping “research” phase so that they’ll confidently enter your store as an educated customer with an established trust in your staff.

Here are some subjects you can write about to help your customers in the research phase and show them how much you know about jewelry:

Natural Vs. Lab-Created Diamonds

Should I Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Does Jade Change Color?

How Do I Know if My Pearls are Real?

The Best Diamond-Alternatives for Engagement Rings

Do I Need An Appraisal?

My Diamond Has A “Birthmark.” What Does That Mean?

How Do I Remove a Tight Ring?

And if you need any help with writing, take advantage of resources like Jewels of the Trade to help you!

Here is our FREE Pre-Written Blog Text Content for you to download, customize (instruction included in the PDF), and share to your store’s website. Additional ghostwriting services are available upon request.

Happy Blogging! DM me on Instagram if you have any questions.