Demantoid Garnet Mining in Madagascar with Prosperity Earth | Ep. 9

Professional miner, John Ferry of Prosperity Earth, discusses their vertically integrated demantoid garnet mining operation in Madagascar with Jordan in Part 1 of this two-part podcast interview.

Demantoid Garnet is a green andradite garnet revered for it’s “diamond-like” brilliance, having actually more fire than diamond. Prosperity Earth’s mining operation is particularly focused on improving the economy and environment near their mine in Madagascar by empowering individuals and the community they mine in.

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“Demantoid Garnet from Antetezambato, Northern Madagascar—Internal Characteristics and Their Use in Deciphering Geographic Origin” by J. C. (Hanco) Zwaan


0:12 Intro

3:42 Interview with John Ferry begins

4:24 John’s Origin Story

8:30 Differences between Russian, Namibian and Madagascar demantoid garnet material

11:27 Shoutout to The Journal of Gemmology article (differences in inclusions and mineral deposits between Russian vs Namibian and Madagascar)

13:00 The discovery of demantoid garnet

14:11 The beginning of demantoid garnet mining in Madagascar

15:90 The current demantoid garnet mining operation in Madagascar

19:26 Ethics in Madagascar demantoid garnet mining

20:50 Community impact of gem mining

26:22 Gem cutting in Madagascar

34:50 Conclusion