How to Use Crystals to Sell More Jewelry in Your Store

Crystals. Mineral Specimens. Gemstones.

These products just go together. And wouldn’t you expect to find high-quality specimens in a jewelry store alongside fine-colored stone jewelry? That’s the reason that LuxeRox has started offering wholesale packages for retail stores to use as

  • Product for sales and add-ons
  • In-Case Decoration
  • Staff and client education
Natural ruby in zoisite from LuxeRox for **WHOLESALE ONLY**

Gem Lovers LOVE Crystals.

An in-store customer making a self-purchase may want to add on a gift for a friend. What if that friend doesn’t wear jewelry? Or maybe the customer only wants to spend $300 – $500 but wants a long-lasting, meaningful high-quality piece.

Gem people are gem people. If they love color on their finger, doesn’t it stand to reason that they’ll love color in their house too? Whether it’s the self-purchaser or the gift shopper, a crystal makes for a safe upsell.

Natural emerald specimen from LuxeRox **WHOLESALE ONLY**

Draw more attention to your case.

An affliction with natural specimens is part of human nature.

I don’t believe we have to explain that adding palm-sized specimens to your jewelry case will catch your customers’ eye.

Educate your STAFF and CUSTOMERS.

It’s one thing to say “this ring features a gemstone that came out of the ground.” It’s another thing to SHOW your customer. Create romance, intrigue, and inspiration by featuring rare, exotic gems in your store. Your staff and customers will both have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the mounted gem’s journey from mine to market.

LuxeRox offers

  • Wholesale-only rare crystals that your customers can’t buy direct from the company
  • Everything you need to sell your crystal inventory including the stand, a cloth bag and a protective box (perfect for shipping!)
  • Staff training and FREE SHIPPING for Premium Package purchases

Jewels of the Trade is now teaming up with LuxeRox to bring natural mineral specimens into your jewelry store. Contact Jewels of the Trade about LuxeRox’s wholesale proposal and package offerings today!