Tsavorite Rarity and Quality with Bruce Bridges

Interview with Tsavorite Expert

In Part Two of the interview with Bruce Bridges, owner of Bridges Tsavorite, Bruce discusses Tsavorite Garnet’s rarity, quality factors, tsavorite for everyday wear (bridal), mint garnet, and advice for sales professionals.

“Tsavorite is 1,000 times rarer than emerald under 3cts and 5,000x rarer than emerald over 3cts.” -Bruce Bridges, Bridges Tsavorite

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History of Tsavorite

What is Tsavorite?


Listen to Part One here.

Show Notes

Tsavorite Rarity [00:52]

Tsavorite Color & Quality Factors [7:00]

Mint Garnet [10:18]

Tsavorite Engagement Rings [19:16]

How to Sell Tsavorite [24:59]