Designer Highlight : Lily Ellicott

Of the up-and-coming designers to watch, make sure that @lilythejeweller at @lindens_jewelry is on your radar.  Working in jewelry since she was 16, this C.A.R.A.T. award-winning goldsmith and designer already has almost a decade of experience and is making a name for herself in the industry. I sat down with Lily (and her vintage locket and coral ring) to […]

Nephrite and Jadeite

Do you remember the first time you saw your favorite gemstone? Or when you fell in love with it? Jade is actually important to me because it is my husband’s favorite gem. He fell head over heels for jade in Tucson because of it’s allure and his love of Chinese history, and ever since he […]

The Rubellite Report.

You don’t know this about me yet, but I’m a total geek. Full on nerd.  Ask my friends, I bore them to death all the time. What is that gorgeous stone at the top of the page? The basic gist of rubellite can be found anywhere on the internet. It’s the pink to red variety of tourmaline, […]


So this is a blog, huh? I gotta say, I’m having fun already. What is Jewels of the Trade? JOTT is my way of reaching out into the industry. You have probably seen the @jewels_of_the_trade instagram, and the mission is simple: Meet fellow gem lovers. Advocate jewelry and the retailers that love it. Learn as […]