Top 3 Valuable Resources for Jewelry Stores

Podium made a memorable (and comical) appearance at the Atlanta Jewelry Show
Podium made a memorable (and comical) appearance at the Atlanta Jewelry Show

Running a jewelry store isn’t easy. You have your customers, your employees, marketing, displays, the jewelry itself, the list goes on. It can feel overwhelming at times, but that’s why certain companies exist: to help your business run smoothly so that you can do what you’re best at.

I’ve made a list of my 3 favorite companies whose mission is to help jewelry stores, and I hope that the next time you see one of these guys at a jewelry show or posting to instagram — you’ll reach out and say “hello.”

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#1: Podium

I was actually at a conference a few years ago sitting in a seminar that was particularly interactive with it’s audience. The subject came up of “What has helped your jewelry store the most?” and in a room of about 100 people, the word “Podium” kept popping up over and over…and over.

It was a weird enough experience that I looked around for the cameras to see if I was in a Podium commercial, but the truth is that these real people in real life had seen substantial growth just from using this companies’ service.

Podium is actually pretty simple. In a nutshell, it uses your stores Point of Sale to send a text message or email to your customer asking them to leave a review for your business. It’s that easy, and there’s really no gimmick. It’s hardly traditional marketing because these customers aren’t reading off of a script or promoting you in exchange for a reward, they’re truly and honestly putting their opinion and their story out onto the Internet for prospective customers to read. 

Customers rave about you anyways, they already tell their friends how great you are. In my experience, people are more than happy to leave a positive review for a small business. However, 49 times out of 50, it slips peoples’ minds — even if they say (while they’re in the store) that they plan to do it. Having a simple text sent to their phone gives them the boost they need to leave a five-star Facebook, Google, or Yelp review. And even better, Podium will let you track your reviews, notify you and make it easy to respond, and even formulate helpful data and analytics. You can also correspond with customers via text from your computer, that way you’re not having to give out personal cell phone numbers.

#2: David Geller

How do you know what price to charge for repairs and custom? And more importantly — how do you remember how you charged so that you can be consistent and fair? All of the math has already been done for you, and it works. 

If you have a jewelry store, I probably don’t need to tell you how life-changing the Geller book is. But make sure that you’re doing it right!

Is your Geller book up to date with the latest gold pricing? If you’re using a Geller book on $400/oz gold, you’re missing the mark.

Are you subscribed to David Geller’s emails? And more importantly, are you reading them? And more important than that…Is your staff reading them?

You probably have staff meetings anyways. Set aside a few minutes for discussion regarding the content of David Geller’s emails, and by discussion, I mean make it a group effort. You don’t have to lecture people on how to do their job, let them tell you what they think and have a human-to-human conversation.

#3: Specialty Casting

Don’t be mad! I know this seems like a shameless plug. But pretend for a second that I have no affiliation with Specialty Casting, as in fact that was once the case.

When I worked as a designer for a retailer, Specialty Casting was my manufacturer. That’s right, the store I worked for was one of Specialty’s accounts.

So as someone who used their services for two years before I ever came to work for them, I can say honestly and confidently that Specialty Casting can help your jewelry store. I don’t like them because I work for them, I work for them because I like them.

Specialty Casting offers full service manufacturing services and is based in Conway AR. We do CAD, 3D printing, rubber molds, casting, stone setting, finishing, gold plating, engraving, appraisals, the list goes on. We can make huge lines of jewelry, or custom make an individual piece. If you want more information on all that, reach out to me or check out our website, because right now I want to discuss how this company can specifically help you.

Here’s what a lot of jewelry stores don’t know:

You can have your own line of jewelry. Your own brand. Held to your standards.

We know you’ve thought about it. You have great ideas, and you want to have high quality pieces in your case. But who can find the time? And what if someone has a tight deadline–are you even set up for that? Well we are. We can manufacture your designs. All at once, or one at a time, the same design over and over, or modified to your customers preferences. You tell us. In fact! We can make your designs for the case in “brass and glass” (alloys, prototypes) and you can special order on demand with your specific modifications. With our quality and turnaround time, it’s easy, fast, and hassle-free.

Promote yourself. Promote your own line. It’s achievable, and we can help you with that.


You’re probably wondering what I have to gain by promoting these companies. Did they ask me to? Did they pay me? Did I owe them a favor? No.

Why would I tell you these things? The honest truth is this:

I work for a company that does work for retailers. So when retailers do well, we do well. I want this industry to succeed and grow, and I truly want retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, CEOs, major corporations, and small businesses to all be successful. I really care about what we’re doing here, we’re part of an international industry that employs millions of people all over the world. The cutters, the miners, the jewelers, the salespeople — they all can feed their families because there is a demand for jewelry, and because there’s passionate and qualified professionals to satisfy that demand. So I want this industry to be it’s best self.