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Ashley Linden on Her New Jewelry Line “Pink”

Ashley Linden is a store owner, designer and jeweler, and president of AJA (Arkansas Jewelers Association.) She kindly took time to talk with me in this interview about her career, her new line “Pink,” and the upcoming 2021 AJA Convention this September! Watch the video above or on YouTube and check out the highlights below […]

Interview with Julia Griffith of The Gem Academy

Gemology is a fascinating science, and staying up to date on gemstones and their technologies is an important part of being in the jewelry industry.  For this blog post, I wanted to highlight Julia Griffith, a gemologist and content creator well known from her experience as an instructor at Gem-A, The Gemmological Association of Great […]

Luxury Menswear with Seth Box

Seth Box. A Sartorial Man. In an effort to connect the world of luxury menswear and fine jewelry, the JOTT blog is giving you a peek into the world of men’s fashion with Seth Box, a professional from the renowned men’s boutique Hubbard Clothing Co.  The jewelry and luxury menswear worlds both focus on similar core principles: Bespoke pieces […]

Designer Highlight : Eleux Jewelry

If you’re not following @eleuxjewelry on Instagram, then what are you doing with your life? This beautiful, young designer is making a name for herself in the world of fashion earrings.  Aria at Eleux Jewelry focuses on utilizing unusual gemstones like fossilized coral, opalized wood, boulder opal, and many other unique stones as well as fine gemstones such as […]

The Opera-Singing Jewelry Seller | Interview with Songbird Sara

You read that right. Any lover of estate jewelry will find themselves drawn to Sara’s posts on Instagram — which it turns out actually plays a huge part in her business! Despite COVID-19 temporarily limiting her professional opera performance opportunities, Songbird Sara Jewelry has flourished with her unique vintage and estate jewelry sales via her […]

Designer Highlight : Emily Marquis Designs

I was so fortunate to sit down with independent jewelry designer Emily Marquis, owner of Emily Marquis Designs and Marquis Jewelry Academy, on Zoom, to talk about her personal brand, businesses and their goals, and her hashtag #AChainOfPace. Emily and her husband, Cal, are exceptionally talented jewelers offering bridal, custom jewelry, memorial jewelry, and one-of-a-kind pieces to their customers […]

Designer Highlight : Lily Ellicott

Of the up-and-coming designers to watch, make sure that @lilythejeweller at @lindens_jewelry is on your radar.  Working in jewelry since she was 16, this C.A.R.A.T. award-winning goldsmith and designer already has almost a decade of experience and is making a name for herself in the industry. I sat down with Lily (and her vintage locket and coral ring) to […]