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3 Tips for Selling Jade

Why Jade? Selling jade is selling an experience, an enigma, and a story. It’s no wonder jade is referred to as “the inscrutable gem.” Anyone who sees it loves it, but not everyone is comfortable selling it. This is understandable, as the culture and history associated with jade is not always known but is nonetheless […]

Testing Your Jade Roller At Home

REAL OR FAKE Are Jade Rollers made from REAL Jade?! To anyone who knows how rare and valuable jade can be, it’s probably no surprise that most jade rollers found in stores are actually quartz or some other simulant. I’ve scoured the internet for information regarding the authenticity of jade rollers and predominantly found erroneous […]

Does Jade Change Color?

Many people believe that natural, untreated jadeite can change color over time. Typically attributed to the health or integrity of the wearer, it’s alleged color fading is sometimes even called the “miracle of jade.” Why an irreversible color change (undoubtedly less desirable than it’s original green) would be an attractive quality is beyond me. Thankfully, […]