“Turquoise Fever” Mining with Emily Otteson

Turquoise miner and reality television personality, Emily Otteson, discusses American turquoise, variscite and White Buffalo mining, the impact their television show has had on the Otteson family business and the future of the turquoise market. 

Emily Otteson and her husband own multiple turquoise mines in Nevada and are featured on the hit television show, Turquoise Fever. 

Selected Links from the Episode

Connect with Emily: Shop | Instagram | Etsy

Turquoise Fever: Watch Now

Gemstones: Turquoise | White Buffalo | Poseidon (Variscite)

Full Show Notes

Mining in Nevada [4:16]

White Buffalo is Dolomite-Calcite; NOT Howlite and NOT “White Turquoise” [12:10]

“Turquoise Fever” the TV Show [14:25]

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