Reasons to Host a Jade Event

  • Drive NEW customers into your store!
    Discerning jade customers are selective about who they trust due to the overwhelming amount of fake jade on the market. This is your opportunity to prove to local shoppers that your store will offer a better product and a better experience than what customers get from shopping online.
  • Educate your staff about jade
    Free sales training and free labor for the day. Who could say no? Jordan and Hun’r make sure to take the time to answer staff questions and demonstrate ethical sales technique when showing jade product.
  • Show your customers something NEW!
    Did you know jade is one of the toughest gemstones on the planet? Did you know it comes in a variety of colors? Jade carvings can feature detailed designs as mobile works of art! There is simply no other stone quite like it.
    Get your customers excited about colored gemstones with something they’ve never seen before.

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